Good stories always have impact.

All of us have a story to tell. We want our story, our transmission to have an impact with others. Or, maybe not. Maybe all you need is a creative lead for a design project, perhaps reliable web admin or all-round design/production skills for a specific time period (Great! I just had to ruin a good story). Anyway, let's meet, have a coffee and make your project happen.

My love for communication began as a kid putting pencil to paper drawing cartoons. As an adult, I had to figure out how to spec type: You know, Body copy: Helvetica Regular, 9/13pt, 60pica width. [blurred fast forward effect to 2017] Later I became proficient with a handful of graphic and document production applications. Chuck in a decent understanding of a couple video and audio applications. Then recently, I've taught myself to write standards compliant code - HTML5, CSS3 and W3.CSS. And out of necessity, a bit of php, mysql, Javascript, and JQuery. Then there is a host of ancillary stuff like npm, bower, github, SSL certificates, cPanel, phpmyadmin, .htaccess file, SQL injection, XSS, Google Analytics, Analytics Spam, Filters. "DUDE! I just wanted to draw a stinkin' cartoon!"

My broader communications background (20+yrs) is in print/digital graphic design, marketing and illustration. A brief overview of projects and skills is laid out below. Have a look.

Two Worlds







TATLOW & RAWLINGS - Apostles of Paine
Tatlow & Rawlings spawned the "Common Sense Movement" to reclaim the American republic.

I originated the concept, produced all creative and graphics, wrote most of the copy and coded website using the W3.CSS framework - smaller and faster than other CSS frameworks; supports modern responsive design (mobile first) by default; provides CSS equality for all browsers; provides CSS equality for all devices.

Tatlow and Rawlings


Created the Riddleworks site using a Wordpress Theme.


1. Possess advanced skills with the entire Adobe Suite CS6. Work on a Macbook Pro Retina with CS6 installed.

2. Know my way around Wordpress. Knowledge of HTML5, CSS3, W3.CSS plus just enough php, mysql and JQuery to be dangerous.

3. Comfortable making my way around cPanel - Beefing up .htaccess files for extra security and purchasing SSL certificates to assigning Permissions.

4. Learning Google Analytics, A/B Testing, SEO and SEM best practices

5. Experienced with iMovie - created a 3-minute promotional video for a new Cirque-styled dinner theatre show (also branding and marketing materials). Recently began chimpin' around (learning) DaVinci Resolve 12 - in particular for the ability to color grade video.

6. Traditional and vector-based illustration skills - Ad agency storyboards and concept sketches to cartoons and a children's book.

7. Quick study

8. Solid researcher

9. Reliable

10. Always curious, learning and funny.